Here are some of the great things our customers say about us:

Maybe it is just me, but the majority of marine service companies seem to either gouge you, do inferior work, or both. I have always said if a company would charge a reasonable rate and do consistent, honest, timely work they could have all the business they wanted. Douglas Family Dive Services is one of those. Two other companies I have hired to scrape the bottom of my boat each month basically just cleaned the visible part. When I swam down to figure out why I was not reaching cruising speed, the hull and running gear were covered with barnacles. After that, I made a habit of checking and have never had an incomplete job using Douglas Family Dive Services. Adam quoted me a price to remove one of my props, he worked on it three days (turns out the nuts were fused and had to be cut off at haul-out) but refused to charge me more than his quote. I think as boaters we owe it to ourselves to support companies like Douglas Family Dive Services, that's why when asked to relate my experience I felt an obligation to do so.

When I purchased my boat, it was recommended I contact Family Dive. Adam does a phenomenal job!  My monthly billing includes a detailed report of findings and over all shape of the bottom of my boat. Emily has answered all emails promptly answering any questions I've had. Douglas Family Dive's pay online makes it an easy no hassle payment. I recommend everyone looking for a professional and reliable diver to call Douglas Family Dive.